Production     Role                     Production Company   Director

Jessica Jones                    Woman (principal, adulteress)         Marvel/Netflix/ABC                      

Nomophobia                      Ellen (frustrated Mom, principal)  Mike Broz Films                             Howard Simon/Mike Broz

Busted                                 Kathy (distraught Mom, lead)         BCU Productions                           Victoria Rezny

Room 247                         Jennifer (rom com lead)                   Dean Love Films                          Dean Love

Mister, Back Massage?       Erica (stressed NYer)                          MaxCurious Productions               Chris Soucey

Gina's Music *                    Gina   (crazed lonely girl, lead)          Jim Chase Films                           Jim Chase

Still A Kiss                         Featured, OC                                      Green Street Films, Inc               John Penotti

Inside America                   Maggie, recurring (TV host)                TCI Cable                                     Don Shook

* Finalist USA Film Festival


Burger King                  Texan (radio spot, regional)                    Burger King

Doritos (spec)              Daisy (overly talkative wife, internet)   Dean Love Films             

Good News for Kids     Narrator (voice over, national)               International Films Group    

Jade & Jasper              Spokesperson  (internet)                        Dean Love Films                                    

National Potato Board  Mom (surprised mom, national)               



 ART                                      Yvan  (neurotic bride to be)            workinggirls productions                         Michael Colby Jones

Hodge Podge                        Judy (fretting forgetful actress)      TAP NYC                                                    Bobby Holder

The Zoo Story                       Peter/Paula  (uptight houswwife)    workinggirls productions                      Christine Sullivan

Beauty Queen of Leenane    Maureen (love staved Irish woman)  Michael Chekhov Theatre Co            Ann Bowen

Bitter Tears of Petra vonKant  Petra  (alcoholic designer)         Michael Chekhov Theatre Co                 Louis Lopardi

Crimes of the Heart              Lenny  (pitiful eldest sister)          Michael Chekhov Theatre Co                  Christine Sullivan

Talking Heads                       Actress (accidental porn star)       Michael Chekhov Theatre Co                  Max McGuire

Goldberg Street                    Patti (lusty tough gal)                     Michael Chekhov Theatre Co                  Ann Bowen

Bad Evidence                        Leah (wife with secret)                  Michael Chekhov Theatre Co                   Louis Lopardi

The Rock Garden                  Woman  (sickly talker)                   Michael Chekhov Theatre Co                   Ann Bowen

Danny & The Deep Blue Sea   Roberta (tough girl)                    Voice Theatre                                            Douglas Brautigam

Bad Evidence                         Leah  (wife with secret)                 Abingdon Theatre                                     Deborah Houston

Hester Prynne at Death        Hester   (Scarlett Letter)                Quinnart Productions                              Terry Quinn

More available on resume.