Duvall O'Steen

When I am off camera or off stage, I am a feelance writer and publicist for fine jewelry brands, so I will always notice your jewelry! ​  Precious metals, gems and pearls help us all shine a little brighter, don't they? Oh, and I LOVE to travel!



Compassionate Authority or Quirky Comedy

I am always playing either a compassionate authority figure or a fun, quirky, comedic character.

The therapist, mom, righteous lawyer,  teacher    OR    a ditzy tourist, snooping Texan mom, the lonely Irish old maid, etc.   

Comedy comes naturally for me and the laughs are revealed through genuine tears, angst or intensity.

I aim to share something unique in every story I tell, something about the human condition that will hopefully, just maybe, enhance our compassion, our tolerance and our understanding of what it means to be a human being.