Duvall O'Steen

When I am off camera or off stage, I am a feelance writer and publicist for fine jewelry brands, so I will always notice your jewelry! ​  Precious metals, gems and pearls help us all shine a little brighter, don't they? Oh, and I LOVE to travel!



Secrets, Quiet Power, Southern Charm

I am originally from Texas, so southern humor comes naturally for me. I am also an expert secret keeper!  My characters tend to be nice ladies but with a dark secret or they are fun and comedic...  the grieving widow who actually killed her husband, the cult leader's wife, the psychologist with her own "issues"  or the snooping southern mom, the ditzy tourist, neurotic BFF, etc...

I love to share something unique in every story I tell -- something about the human condition that will hopefully, just maybe, enhance our compassion, our tolerance and our understanding of what it means to be a human being.  

I am also a poet and I love to play with words and paint pictures of emotions with beautiful, meaningful imagery.